Presenting the Pine Shallows Third Party License

Pine Shallows now has an open third party license that invites people to make things and profit from their work!

The license allows anyone to make adventures, mechanics, or other content for Pine Shallows and publish it for free or sell it.

Check the Pine Shallows Third Party License.

Pine Shallows - Compatibility Logo

Pine Shallows

Welcome to Pine Shallows, a small coastal town. Sunny and cheery in summer, when the tourists come in droves, it turns dreary and empty when autumn comes. Weird things keep happening and because most adults are oblivious or too busy to deal with the problems, it's up to you kids to solve the mess.

Pine Shallows is a tabletop roleplaying game inspired by The Goonies, Stranger Things, Gravity Falls in which you portray small town kids going on adventures and solving mysteries.

Pine Shallows Halloween Bonanza

Until the end of October I'm running the Pine Shallows Halloween Bonanza. During the Pine Shallows Halloween Bonanza the game is on sale and all owners of the game will get regular new content for Pine Shallows, with all proceeds going to fund editing & art for it.

A mockup of the Pines Shallows zine. One closed, showing the cover, another next to it with an example page spread.

First release is: Grasp of the Understory​, now available for download for all owners of Pine Shallows. The kids will have to venture into an overgrown greenhouse in search of their missing teacher. Where is he? What are these weird plants? And why does the greenhouse seem bigger on the inside?

The second release is: No Parents Allowed, clubhouse rules to add to your longer running campaign. Built and improve a clubhouse with your players during the downtime between adventures.

Coming up next is a soapbox downhill race mini game/adventure​.

Hope you’ll love the new stuff, and hope you'll love creating your own adventures and other content for the game!

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