A selection of the games, adventures & settings I've (co-)written.

  • Hiria: the Eternal City (august 2023)
    a solo journaling journey into the multiverse
    Hiria: the Eternal City is a solo journaling game in which you play a character trying to track someone down through different versions of the same city. As the turns pass, based on your dice rolls, the city changes. As the landscape of the chase shifts, the traces your quarry leaves behind determine how your character tracks down and, just maybe, catches up to them.
    Hiria: the Eternal City was successfully kickstarted during ZineQuest/Zine Month 2023.
  • In the Margins (november 2022)
    a meta solo journaling game of marginalia
    In the Margins is a solo journaling game in which you play someone who found a mysterious journal and is leaving their comments in the margins of the journal.
    In the Margins was made for the Scissors and Glue Jam #2 using dry transfer letters, cutting and pasting the typed rules & annotating it with markers.
  • Pine Shallows (september 2022)
    Pine Shallows is a tabletop roleplaying game in which the players play kids solving mysteries and going on adventures. It is inspired by the Goonies, Stranger Things, Gravity Falls and middle grade adventure book series like The Legends of Eerie-on-Sea and A Series of Unfortunate Events.
    You can create your own Pine Shallows content. Check the Pine Shallows Third Party License.
  • Beyond the Glittering Sands (april 2022)
    Psychedelic science-fantasy pointcrawl made for the Weird Jam Satellite.
    An OSR/NSR micro-setting placed in the mountains bordering the Sea of Glittering Sands, a continent spanning desert. Inspired by games like Vaults of Vaarn, The Electrum Archive and the micro settings of Highland Paranormal Society.
  • Blood Mountain Resort & Spa (january 2022)
    An pamphlet adventure set in a totally normal tropical resort (really!). A collaborative project of the Good Sleep Collective, a small group of European TTRPG designers, writers and artists who all value a good night's rest of which I'm a proud member.
  • Lost to the Starlit Reptiles (december 2021)
    An old school pamphlet hexcrawl adventure for OZR and DURF, written for the #ozrjam & the #AdventureJam.

  • The Walking Towers of Anzubia (november 2021)
    There exists no records of people seeing the towers of Anzubia move, but they must, as they are never long in the same spot. A system agnostic library for use in any fantasy setting. Written for the Pocket Places Jam and Markdown Jam.
  • A Visit to San Sibilia (june 2021)
    A visit to San Sibilia is a solo journaling game in which you roleplay a character chronicling their visit to the city of San Sibilia. It is a city not found on any maps—San Sibilia is both part of and distinct from our world. This everchanging city manifests itself differently to every visitor.
  • Battle of the Bands (april 2021)
    A rockin' adventure for SCRATCH + CLAW by World Champ Game Co.! Excellent! Party time! Go down in to the underground and compete in the battle of the bands!

  • Tunnel Goonies (march 2021)
    A hack of the Ennies-award winning Tunnel Goons by Nate Treme inspired by 80s kids adventure movies like the Goonies, IT & Stand By Me (and modern interpretations like Stranger Things). Written for the Pleasure-not-Business Card RPG Jam